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Pregnancy Physiotherapy Perth

pregnant mom on physiotherapy ballPhysiotherapy can provide a range of benefits to pregnant women. It can help them stay in shape throughout their pregnancy and reduce the physical pains, aches, and fatigue that are common symptoms during this period.

Women who are pregnant may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist, as musculoskeletal conditions can still develop when pregnant. Some of the more common conditions we address during pregnancy are carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, low back and neck pain.

What Are Some Benefits?

Pregnancy women receiving physiotherapy may experience the following:

  • Improved strength
  • Increased mobility
  • Better flexibility
  • Improved pain tolerance
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Decreased pain levels

What to Expect

Our physiotherapists will identify the location, cause and nature of your pain or discomfort, and then diagnose and address your condition accordingly. We understand that each pregnancy is different and can affect your body in various ways. Rest assured that your health and your baby’s health are our highest priority.

Your care will be completely customised to meet your needs and goals.


Are pregnant women allowed to receive this type of therapy?

Yes. It can be used to help manage and alleviate symptoms of pains arising from the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as assist with postpartum recovery.

Are there risks associated with pregnant women receiving physiotherapy?

Generally speaking, no. However, certain techniques or exercises may not be appropriate for some due to certain conditions, and should only be done after consulting with a qualified health professional, such as a physiotherapist.

What benefits can expectant mothers achieve through physiotherapy?

Benefits include increased comfort during pregnancy, improved mobility and flexibility, better posture and breathing control, which improves oxygen delivery throughout the body; relief from pain; reduction in stress; improved circulation, helping reduce swelling and prevention of injury due to overuse or incorrect use of muscles.

Physiotherapy can also help mental health by improving sleep quality, leading to reduced fatigue levels prior to birth and afterwards.

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