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Back Pain and Neck Pain Treatment in Innaloo, Perth WA

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If you’re experiencing back pain and neck pain, making it go away is our goal. Back pain and neck pain come when we’ve reached a limit, so getting an appointment is extremely important. Lower back pain, general back pain, and neck pain are debilitating, can occur at any time, costs the economy more than any other injury in time off work.

Back pain is sometimes referred to as general back pain, sciatica, lower back pain, lumbago, and disc bulge.

Back pain that many experiences is likely a build up of catastrophic events culminating in “a straw that broke the camel’s back scenario.” For example, sneezing or reaching for an object can trigger huge back spasms without any effort. Neck pain is much the same and can show up after sleeping incorrectly or after a repetitive strain injury. If back pain or neck pain is left alone it may feel better but can also come back worse days, weeks, or months later. If back pain persists, later, back surgery may be required.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain and neck pain can be effective in returning you back to health.

Depending on the level of lumbago, joint restriction, and pain we can assess and diagnose the cause. You’ll be given an explanation of your back or neck pain with the aid of models of the human skeleton, and prescribed an exercise rehabilitation plan on your first visit. Your back pain will resolve and decrease with the avoidance of aggravating activities like squatting and reaching forward without bending the legs.

At Complete Care Health in Innaloo, Perth WA we help people with treatment for back pain & neck pain every day and their feedback keeps us focused on delivering the best care treatment for back pain we can provide in the area of Osborne Park, Innaloo, Perth. In our chiropractic assessment, we spend time viewing posture, assessing reflexes, sensation, and muscle strength. The true site of your back pain or neck pain is determined and usually responds very well to chiropractic treatment. Interferential therapy, acupuncture, Graston technique, therapeutic ultrasound, and massage techniques may help in addition to correct icing and strapping and chiropractic adjustments to restricted joints.

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If you or someone you love has been suffering from lumbago, low back pain, general back or neck pain, then give the Complete Care Health Team serving Osborne Park, Innaloo, Perth a call today. Let our team help you walk away from back pain and neck pain once and for all the safe and natural way.


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