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Clinical Nutrition in Perth

fruits and vegetables shaping a heartThe focus of clinical nutrition is analysing if a person is consuming an adequate amount of nutrients and fueling their body with the right kind of nutrition for good health. If a person is not, this affects their overall health and wellbeing and a nutrition program can be tailor made to improve that individual’s health.

Struggling To Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions?

woman checking weight on scaleWe are currently offering a LONG initial consultation (90 mins)
plus a LONG follow up (90 mins) for just $230*.

Most health funds will cover part of a Nutrition consult.


*T&C’s apply:
Full amount must be paid at the first appointment / initial consultation.

Meet Our Clinical Nutritionist

Our clinical nutritionist Nancy possesses a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Medicine. She identifies and addresses a broad array of health concerns that centre on the foods we put into our bodies. The good news is that a myriad of health conditions can be effectively managed with diet, nutrition and food avoidance. You also can evaluate how certain foods affect your body and overall health.

During various stages in our lives, the nutritional needs of our bodies vary. Examples include during pregnancy or following a serious health diagnosis. Nancy can evaluate each patient’s unique needs and recommend nutritional changes to help them meet their specific goals.

Nancy may design, coordinate, implement and evaluate a range of health interventions to improve the wellbeing of individuals and local communities through better food and nutrition. She may send patients for additional tests to investigate medical conditions. Nancy also can design meal plans and provide education for managing a particular condition.

Nancy treats each patient as an individual and will consider different factors such as physical, emotional and environmental. She seeks to educate patients and make possible long-term health changes through motivation and advice.

Here are some of the different health issues that may be prevented and managed with nutrition:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Inflammation such as arthritis
  • Thyroid issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Digestive complaints/IBS
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Nutrition also may help with the following health issues:

  • Managing weight
  • Supporting immune function and hormone balance
  • Managing stress, fatigue and sleeping issues
  • Identifying food triggers and supporting digestive health
  • Identifying allergies and intolerances (allergenic-free or elimination diets)
  • Recommending nutrition through the lifecycle (children, teenage, pregnancy/lactation, adults and senior nutrition)
  • Improving sleep patterns, stress and overall health
Nancy works weekly across different clinic locations and via Telehealth online appointments. Her sessions are one-on-one sessions to individuals and can also provide nutritional advice to small groups of people.

Nutrition Appointment Fees

(* discounts may apply- please call reception for up to date details)

Initial nutrition appointment (90 minutes) – $150

Initial short nutrition appointment (60 minutes) – $120

Follow-up nutrition appointment (60 minutes) – $90

Follow-up short nutrition appointment (30 minutes) – $70

Make an Appointment

For more information, current discounts or to schedule a telehealth appointment with Nancy, contact Complete Care Health or book online.


Clinical Nutrition Perth WA | (08) 9204 1010