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During pregnancy, a mother’s body goes through remarkable changes. The Complete Care Chiropractic team makes every effort to assist you in staying comfortable and having a positive pregnancy experience.

Not only do we have solutions to assist you during this special stage of life but can support you in going back to the desired activities after you’ve had your baby.

A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy Experience

Exercise is generally considered a safe and appropriate form of therapy for expecting mums, with many possible benefits:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Decreased risk of
    • Diabetes
    • Gestational obesity
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Enhances body image, self-esteem and mental wellbeing
  • Prevention of pelvic and back pain, fatigue, constipation and other common ailments
  • Physical conditioning
  • Promotes a quicker recovery from the birthing process

When Is Exercise Not Recommended During Pregnancy?

There are some contraindications of exercise during pregnancy, however, that must be considered. If you’ve experienced hypertension, pre-eclampsia, premature membrane rupture, placenta previa, persistent bleeding in the second or third trimester, uncontrolled diabetes or a breech-position foetus in the third semester, exercise may not be appropriate.

You should seek the assistance of your midwife or doctor if you experience fluid loss, vaginal bleeding, dizziness, feeling faint, shortness of breath, headaches, muscle weakness, swelling or pain in the calves, decreased foetal movement or pain in the abdomen, pelvic/pubic area or lower back (may indicate preterm labour).

Our therapists work to co-manage your pregnancy with your other healthcare professionals. Contact us today to find out more or schedule your time with us!

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