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Meet Dr Luca Moutafian

BSc (Chiro), BChiro

Chiropractor Perth, Dr. LucaLuca Moutafian absolutely loves being a chiropractor. He feels privileged to have found a profession that he is so passionate about and able to make such an enormous change in people’s lives every day.

Luca was born on a small French island in the Caribbean where he lived with an Australian mother and French father for five years before moving to Perth. Growing up in Perth was amazing and he became a passionate sports enthusiast. Living along the coast, Luca was able to run to the beach everyday to go surfing as well as spending several months of the year down south in Margaret River.

Luca is also very passionate about yoga and completed his teacher training in New York in 2015. Luca’s passion for yoga started when he discovered it helped relieve lower back pain he sustained from a surfing injury. Yoga also helps Luca to understand and instruct patients the correct movement patters and posture control of the body.

Dr. Luca Moutafian commenced his studies of Chiropractic at Murdoch University after a gap year in France.

During his five years of tertiary education, he attended several technique seminars and began to develop his own treatment methods focusing on a holistic approach which involves the improvement of overall spine mobility and function as well as focusing on changing specific body patterns to improve posture, reduce tension and overall increase our ability to deal with daily stresses. The primary technique he uses is the Graston technique.

Luca’s experience out in the field working at Complete Care Health has also developed skills in core strengthening and postural neural control, and he loves helping people achieve their goals by making sure their body is functioning at its absolute optimum capacity.


Dr Luca Moutafia | (08) 9204 1010