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Low Back Pain

Did you know that 80% of Australian adults experience a minimum of one incident of low back pain over the course of their lives? Though painful, there may be options at Complete Care Health that can assist you in finding relief. Acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, exercise classes and chiropractic care are available to you.

A thorough assessment process allows our practitioners to identify which will work best to suit your needs.

Relief Through Movement

girl with back painStaying active can be a highly effective way to manage low back pain. Many forms of exercise are ideal, such as gardening, running and walking, swimming, cycling and dancing, tai chi or yoga. There is no best type; instead, you can just focus on staying as active as possible allowing for any restrictions.

Simple leisure activities can also be a form of therapy. Such activities can help you stay healthy in body and mind, moderating anxiety and depression and keeping you connected and more focused in your life while improving your physical fitness.

Your Journey to Recovery

As you begin to feel better, you’ll want to maintain your progress. There may be a benefit to continuing exercise in preventing your pain from returning. Your exercise program may need to become more difficult; adding in stretching can help you. For example, if you were walking before, you may want to try carrying weights with you or walking uphill along a new route. Our exercise physiologists can help you determine a suitable training program that involves the form of exercise that you prefer.

Book an Appointment

To regain the strength in your low back post-injury, we can recommend specific exercise to stabilise areas of weakness. It’s important that you seek assistance if you’ve had recurring episodes of low back pain. Contact us today to find out more! We have three convenient locations throughout Perth.


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