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Benefits of Physiotherapy

Our dedicated team of Physiotherapists and Injury Managements Advisors provide personalised assessment and diagnosis to tailor your recovery program. Start today!

How Does Physiotherapy Work

Perth Physiotherapy is an ideal treatment for developing, maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability. Perth Physiotherapy is utilised to increase muscle strength and endurance for treating injuries. Our clinic network across four locations provides professionally trained and registered physiotherapists delivering effective treatment programs for neck and shoulder pain, muscle spasms and joint dysfunctions.

We assess, rehabilitate and treat injuries from neck pain and whiplash to musculoskeletal trauma under the scope of a registered physiotherapist.

Get improved health and real results today!

Our goal is to relieve the pain, improve function and restore normal health in the safest most cost effective and timely way.

After suffering the trauma of an injury or any type of muscular pain, our physiotherapists can provide immediate relief and diagnosis for a wide range of treatable conditions. By thorough examination and analysis of nerves, joints and muscles we can determine if further tests and referral to other specialists may be warranted.

From time to time your GP and medical practitioner need to co-manage your condition with us. One important part of our job is to detect any signs of more serious underlying problems, so we can get you directed away to a relevant specialist without delay. More commonly we can treat the presenting injury straight away and provide a diagnosis and explain a treatment plan.

Our physiotherapists are also qualified dry needling practitioners. Kinesiotaping and general strapping and taping is another way we provide our patients with extra services from physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Overview

Physiotherapists are the third largest group of healthcare providers after nurses and doctors.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy in some countries as a profession and physiotherapists specialise in musculoskeletal, cardio respiratory rehabilitation, and neurology. Physiotherapists analyse movement and use specific handling techniques, exercise plans, and joint manipulations to treat a wide range of conditions. Physiotherapists also use other skills, such as massage and modalities like ultrasound and electrotherapy. Physiotherapists are specialists in rehabilitation of all disciplines.

What a physiotherapist can do for you

Our physiotherapy team receive referrals from local doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals

Our physiotherapists assess patients risk criteria for complications such as respiratory difficulties, bed sores, mobility problems, etc. If an elective surgery patient who may have these problems is identified, it is often better for the physio to see the patient preoperatively so that information and exercises can be given while the patient is still relatively free of pain and medication.

Respiratory care

Post hospital care may consist of teaching the patient breathing exercises, using percussion to loosen secretions, and manual hyperinflation. Physios can teach patients effective coughing techniques that don’t put surgical wounds under stress or cause unnecessary lung damage. Physios have extensive knowledge of chest x rays, arterial blood gases, auscultation, oxygen therapy, and invasive and non-invasive ventilation on and off the intensive care unit. Physios are also able to perform nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal suction and tracheostomy care.

Referring patients

Our Physiotherapists take full clinical histories and perform specific examinations, and on the basis of their findings, they will provide a diagnosis and develop individual treatment plans.

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