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man and woman shaking handsMedicare Approved Chronic Disease Management Plans for People with Chronic Conditions and Complex Care Needs

(ITEMS 10950 TO 10970) Medicare covers the cost for patients that are referred by their GP’s on a chronic disease management plan. Patients can, on referral, access eligible individual and allied health services including chiropractic once the GP has completed the GP Management Plan (GPMP) and the Team Care Arrangements (TCA) services.

Chronic Disease Management Plans

Chronic disease management plans have been developed to lower Medicare and healthcare costs through specific pro-active treatment plans involving GP’s and allied health providers including chiropractors (Item 10964) as part of the Team Care Arrangements.

Claiming Frequency

Medicare covers the chronic disease management plans which must be reviewed 12 monthly. Care plans last for 12 months and must be renewed once that time has expired.

Definition of Chronic Medical Disease

A chronic medical disease is a condition that has been or is likely to have been present for 6 months, including but not limited to: Musculoskeletal conditions (Joint Pain, Back Pain, Chronic Lumbago, Slipped Disc, Sciatica, Migraine Headaches, Spinal Degeneration, Osteoarthritis, Post-surgical Rehabilitation), Asthma, Cardiovascular Illness, Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Degenerative Disease, Stroke and Cancer.

How to Request Being Put on a Chronic Medical Disease Plan by your GP

Your medical centre representatives and GP should be able to assist you in accessing care (both covered, and Primary chiropractic) and refer you to case management or disease management as needed. You may request an individual provider including chiropractic. Our chiropractic clinic may provide you with care for your chronic condition and work with your GP and other allied health providers as part of your management team. If you think that being put on a chronic care management program may benefit you, you may need to request it from your GP and get referred to our chiropractic and sports injury clinic for treatment.

The following are the foremost goals in creating Chronic medical disease Management plans:

  • Primary care interventions
  • Reduction of hospital admissions
  • Reduction in “length of stay” of patients when hospitalized
  • Facilitating open communications between healthcare providers
  • Reduction in medications with improved health outcomes
  • Reduction in urgent care visits

Our goal as part of your Care Arrangement Team is to set measurable outcomes showing improved quality of life using evidence-based practices and interventions. We’ll review the care plan systematically and encourage patients to attend their GP for a review of their care plan.

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