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How to stay motivated for exercise in winter

Consistent exercise is hard at the best of times, what with work, family, kids, socialising and everything else we have going on.

When the weather is good, we find it easier to get out and move around; whether that be for a walk with a friend, a bike ride to the café strip or a swim at the beach.
As soon as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, finding the motivation to exercise in winter is infinitely harder.

How to stay motivated in winter

Here at Complete Care Health we try our best to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Seeing as we are in the health industry we know how important it is and should practice what we preach.

Here is some advice from our practitioners about keeping up your exercise over the winter months:

1) Find an exercise buddy

The best way to stay on track and accountable is if you have someone making sure you’re doing what you said you were going to do. Buddy up, set a day and time and then show up. If your exercise buddy can’t come with you, tell someone about your intentions and get them to check in with you. Make yourself accountable

2) Wear appropriate clothing

Don’t let the cold weather put you off. A nice brisk walk in the cool gets your blood pumping and your metabolism moving. Invest in hats, scarves, gloves and a cosy jacket. Whatever you need to get yourself outside in the chilly weather- don’t let the excuse of having the wrong gear stop you.

3) Hit the gym

Open all day, every day (and some open 24/7) there’s really no excuse to skip ‘gym-day’. Use promotions to sign up, use their in-house personal trainer to set up goal and a routine for you and then lock in some gym time at least twice a week.

4) Find your why?

Why are you exercising? To lose weight? To help with chronic disease? To increase overall strength and fitness? To manage stress? If you know the reason why, and have a goal in mind, it sure makes it a lot easier to get out and break a sweat!

5) Make sure your furry friend gets some fitness too!

Pets make great fitness buddies and hold you accountable when you don’t take them out. There’s nothing more persistent than a pooch who wants to go for a “W-A-L-K”, so grab the lead and let them drag you around the park. We promise you’ll feel better afterwards.

6) Warm up inside, then head outside

It’s hard going outside for exercises when your muscles (and you) are cold. One easy way to get around this is to warm up inside before heading out. Do some star-jumps, run on the spot, lunges etc and stretches. Once warm you’ll want to get out into the brisk air.

7) Make it a date

We all like spending time with a loved ones. Why not make it an outdoor activity? Not all dates have to involve dinner and a movie. Why not take your significant other for a romantic walk or explore a part of town you’ve never seen on your bicycle?

8) Schedule exercise like an important meeting

When we get busy it’s easy to drop the things that take time and effort- that’s why exercise is often one of the first things to go when life gets ontop of us. BUT- exercise not only is a great stress reliever, the happy hormones released by exercise make us feel more positive and deal better with stress. Make a point of adding exercise into your schedule on a regular basis and STICK TO IT!

9) Sign up to free classes

Local community centres often host introductory or free classes. Why not take advantage of this and try something you’ve not done before? Did you know the City of Perth hosts FREE YOGA CLASSES at the Northbridge Piazza on a Saturday morning? Look up your local council, check out local noticeboards or just ask Google or social media- there’s bound to be something out there that’s free.

10) Your living room is your exercise space

Why leave the comfort of your own home when everything you need is right under your feet? All you need is some space, a tv/laptop/smartphone and a floor mat. There are so many online resources- from exercise apps to dedicated YouTube channels that you can use to work out right in your living room. We find it easiest when you are in a clean space without distractions (kids, pets, unwashed dishes). Give it a shot- for inspiration-
we love “Yoga with Adrienne” and HIIT workouts with The Body Coach on YouTube
Alternatively- why not try an app on your phone such as:
* You Are Your Own Gym app
* Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app
* Sworkit app
All have hundreds of exercise options you can do anywhere and without the need for expensive equipment.
We hope this helps keep you motivated for exercise over the winter. If you have any other ways that you stay motivated, leave us a message below. We’d love to hear from you and pass your advice onto others.

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